If your mortgage, loan or credit card was incorrectly charged, we’ll prove it and help you reclaim the balance.

What We Do For You

If you’re concerned that your mortgage, loan or credit card has been mishandled, trying to fix it can be stressful. Calculating the right figures, contacting the lender, securing legal advice and representation, finding the money to present your case… just nasty! That’s why we are here, to take the pain away from financial fairness. 

Mortgage, Loan & Credit Card

When we receive the information from your lender, we will deconstruct your loan or mortgage and highlight any errors, we will then reconstruct it and this will show exactly what you should…

Plevin and Refused PPI Claim

Have you ever been refused a PPI claim? If this is the case, then you can re-apply! In 2014 a case reached the Supreme Court involving a woman named Susan Plevin. During her case…

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